School Dress and General Appearance

Image of Thomas Telford School Students

We are grateful for your continued support in maintaining high standards of dress within the School.

General Guidelines

All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the student's name

School Skirts and Trousers

No variation of the skirt or trouser styles is acceptable.

Shirts and Ties

Please counsel your child that ties must be done up and shirts tucked. They must also ensure that they are wearing their badges.

Cropped Tops, Hooded Sweatshirts, Denim Jackets and Baseball Caps

Students are not allowed to wear cropped tops, hooded sweatshirts, any denim clothing or baseball caps.

Swimming Cap

We strongly advise students to wear swimming caps. They can be purchased from the Swimming Pool Manager for £3.


Boots or shoes with a deep tread are not allowed. Sensible black shoes with no logo or reflective decoration are permitted. Heels should be no higher than five centimetres and must not be stiletto or kitten type. Pumps are not allowed.

Extreme Hairstyles

Brightly coloured hair dyes, totally shaved or decorated scalps, eyebrow shavings etc are unacceptable for School. Hair accessories must be sensible and either black or burgundy.


Key Stage 3 & 4

  • Earrings, nose studs, body piercings and related jewellery are not allowed. The only jewellery permitted for students in Years 7 to 11 is one small pair of plain metal studs in the ear lobe. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not to be worn in School for Health and Safety reasons.

Sixth Form

  • Nose studs, body piercings and related jewellery are not allowed. However, Sixth Form students may wear jewellery that conforms to Health and Safety regulations.

Make Up and Nail Varnish

No make up is to be worn in Key Stage 3 and light make up only in Key Stage 4. Coloured nail varnish is not suitable for school.


Sixth Form PE kit provider - Surridge

School Uniform

Year 7 - 11

Sixth Form Girls

Sixth Form Boys

Price List

Sixth Form Boys

All items marked with an asterisk* are stocked by the School's official outfitter

School Dress

Students should always be dressed in a professional manner as we are constantly working with prospective employers and first impressions do make a difference. Boys in the Sixth Form must wear smart professional attire, ie suit or jacket and trousers, collar, tie and sensible shoes.

Students are not allowed to wear Denim Jackets or Baseball Caps.

Physical Education activities in the Sixth Form are optional and take place on Wednesday afternoon. Only the students involved in these activities should purchase the PE clothing.

PE Kit

  • School Tracksuit (order forms available from School Reception)
  • Maroon sweatshirt (Optional)*
  • Maroon sports shirt with collar*
  • Maroon games shorts (Sportswear International)*
  • Maroon games socks*
  • White sports socks
  • Non marking soled shoes
  • Towel
  • Suitable carrying bag

We recommend that for hockey, students should use shin pads and a mouthguard to comply with Health and Safety advice. These are available from most sports shops.

Fitness Centre

Students should wear t-shirts with shorts or tracksuit bottoms and indoor shoes. Combat trousers and sleeveless or cropped tops are not appropriate.

Performing Arts

Students following courses in Performing Arts or Performance Studies in the Sixth Form will need appropriate clothing for the practical aspects of the course(s).

For Dance and Drama work students will require the following:


  • Black sweat pants or Jazz pants
  • Black sweatshirt(available only through school)
  • Plain black T shirt
  • Black Jazz shoes or Jazz trainers
  • Dance support

Dance clothing can be purchased from 'Charades' in Penn or via the School. Mrs Crawford can advise if necessary.

Performing Arts Dress Code

Students should note that Thomas Telford School has a formal dress code. Sixth Form students are expected to wear smart professional attire at all times. However, students participating in practical work wear clothing appropriate for the activity being undertaken as identified above in the practical areas.

Uniform Shop

The Official School Outfitter is now Baker and Son Schoolwear and the full school dress requirements can be purchased from them:

Baker and Son Schoolwear
29 New Street

Baker and Son Schoolwear will operate a uniform shop in School on:

  • Friday 30 June – 1pm – 4pm

Alternatively uniform can also be purchased online: