Thomas Telford School Sports Fixtures

From: 6/5/2019 To: 12/5/2019

DateDescriptionStart AtEndYearsStaff
7/5/2019Water Polo15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
7/5/2019Boys Football ESFA Squad Training 15:3017:009 and 10DJH/PDB/DLL/MJL
7/5/2019Duke of Edinburgh15:4517:0010/11/6th FormALP
7/5/2019A Level PE Coursework15:4517:006th FormCCH
7/5/2019BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4) 15:4517:006th FormMJL
7/5/2019Girls ESFA National training 15:3017:008/9ALP
7/5/2019Girls LTA Schools Tennis v Shrewsbury School 16:0018:007/9C Dyer
8/5/2019Learn to Swim15:0017:457/8/9/10/11/6th Form SSP
8/5/2019Rush Hockey15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th Form SKS
8/5/2019Boys Football ESFA Elite National Schools Cup Final v Carre's Grammar School @ Manchester City Academy Stadium15:3017:3011IRR/DLL/PDB
9/5/2019Boys Football ESFA National Schools Cup Final v Riddlesdown School @ Stoke City FC17:3019:009DJH/DLL/PDB
9/5/2019Girls Football ESFA National Schools Cup Final v Shenfield High School @ Stoke City FC15:3017:009AJP/DLL/PDB
9/5/2019Primary PGCE Physical Education CPD: Study 18 @ 16:30, Sports Hall @ 17:00 16:3018:30Primary PGCEIJS / J Sweeney
9/5/2019Boys Under 13 and U15 Telfrod and District Tennis Competition @ Wrekin College. Leave at 1:45pm. Start at 2:30pm. Rerurn to school at 5:00pm14:3016:307/8/9/10MJL
10/5/2019Boys District Plate v Madeley Academy15:3016:457SSP/PJN