Thomas Telford School Sports Fixtures

From: 1/1/2018 To: 31/1/2018

DateDescriptionStart AtEndYearsStaff
3/1/2018Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Idsall School (H) Meet 2.4515:4516:457ST/PJN
4/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R5 v Blessed Roberts Sutton Sports College (H) Meet 1pm14:0015:3010JAA/PDB/DLL
5/1/2018Boys Chance to compete District Cricket Competetion @TCAT Dome Leave 8-45 am Return 1-30pm 09:3013:0010DLL
6/1/2018SHROPSHIRE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 @ Attingham Park First race starts at 10.30am10:3012:00All yearsGEC+PJN
8/1/2018Boys District Cup v Telford Park (A) at Telford Langley Meet at 2.30pm.15:3017:0011JJT/
8/1/2018Girls Football ESFA Schools Cup R4 Sandbach High School & 6th Form College (H) 13:0014:3011ALP/DJH
8/1/2018Swim Squad15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
8/1/2018Girls Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11ALP
8/1/2018Running Club15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormPJN
8/1/2018BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4)15:3017:006th FormMJL
8/1/2018Goalkeeper Coaching15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/
8/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:008DJH
8/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:008/9SKS
8/1/2018BTEC Sport Support (PE2/3)15:3017:009/10GEC
9/1/2018TWSSA Fixture Meeting @ Telford Langley - 4pm 16:0017:00
9/1/2018Water Polo15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
9/1/2018Boys County Leage Basketball V William Brooks (A) leave 3-15pm return 5-30pm 15:4517:006th Form JJT
9/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R5 v St Peters RC High School M12 4WB (A) Meet 10:15am Return 4:30pm13:0014:308DJH/DLL
9/1/2018U14 Boys Hockey Shropshire Tournament (away) Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Leave 11:00 Return (TBC)12:0018:008/9SKS +1
9/1/2018Girls U12 County Cup v Idsall (H) Meet 2.45pm15:1516:307ALP/
9/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:007SKS
9/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:007/8/9ALP
9/1/2018Boys Cricket Nets15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/PDB
9/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:009MJL
9/1/2018Duke of Edinburgh15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
9/1/2018Boys District Cup v HLC (H). Meet at 2.45pm15:3017:0010JAA
10/1/2018Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Completion in PE215:1517:1511ALP/Carol Dyer
10/1/2018Netball Squad Training15:3017:008/9/10/11GEC
10/1/2018Boys Open Team Football 15:3017:007/8/9/10PDB/DLL
10/1/2018Girls Hockey15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSKS
10/1/2018Lane Swimming/Fitness15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
10/1/2018Girls Shropshire County v West Midlands 19:0021:0010/11B Renke
10/1/2018Girls Shropshire County v West Midlands 18:0019:308/9ALP
10/1/2018Boys U18 3rd XI SSCFA Div 1 v Ludlow College (A)6th FormMJL/KJS
10/1/2018Boys 1st XI ECFA League Cat 1 v Myerscough College (A) Meet 9:15am Return 5:30pm13:0014:306th FormDLL/JJT
10/1/2018British Colleges Netball Vs. City of Stoke 6th form (H)6th formGEC
10/1/2018Boys U18 2nd XI Mens Knockout Cup v Tamworth FC (H)13:0015:006th FormPDB/DJH
10/1/2018British Colleges Netball Cup (last 32) Vs. Gwent College, Crosskeys - NP11 7ZA (A) Leave 10.30am Return 5.30pm13:3015:006th formGEC
10/1/2018Girls Football ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Beauchamp College (H)13:3015:006th FormALP/DJH
11/1/2018Boys County Cup Football v Marches (A) Meet 12.45pm14:1515:307ST/PJN
11/1/2018ESFA National cup v St Peter's Solihull (H)13:4515:157/8ALP/DJH
11/1/2018Learn to Swim15:3017:007/8/9SSP
11/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:007SST
11/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:0010JAA
11/1/2018Boys Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11JJT
11/1/2018Netball Open Training15:3017:007/8GEC
11/1/2018Boys Football County Cup v Shrewsbury School (H) Meet 3pm15:3017:009MJL / PDB
11/1/2018A Level PE Catch Up Session15:3017:006th FormDJH/ALP/JJT
11/1/2018Boys County Cup Football v Priory Shrewsbury (A) Meet 12.30pm14:0015:308DJH
11/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:009/10/11/6th FormSKS
11/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
12/1/2018Swim Squad07:0008:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
12/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Elite Schools Cup R4 v Carr's Grammer School (H) Meet 11:15am12:0013:3010JAA/PDB/DLL
12/1/2018Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Cheadle Hulme School ( A)14:3016:008DJH/DLL
12/1/2018ESFA Girls National Cup v Trinity School (Manchester) (A) Leave 10-00am Return 5-00pm 13:0014:308/9ALP
15/1/2018Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Northampton School For Boys (A) Meet 10:30am14:0015:306th FormPDB/DLL/DJH/MJL
15/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Elite Schools Cup R3 v Northampton School For Boys (A) Meet 10:30pm Return 6pm14:0015:308PDB/DLL/DJH/MJL
15/1/2018Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Northampton School For Boys (A) Meet 10:30am Return 6pm14:0015:309PDB/DLL/DJH/MJL
15/1/2018BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4)15:3017:006th form MJL
15/1/2018Running Club15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormPJN
15/1/2018BTEC Sport Support (PE2/3)15:3017:009/10GEC
15/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:008/9SKS
15/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:008DJH
15/1/2018Goalkeeper Coaching15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/
15/1/2018Girls Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11ALP
15/1/2018Swim Squad15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
16/1/2018Boys County Cup Football v Burton Borough (H) Meet 3.15pm16:0017:3011JJT/
16/1/2018Girls U14 County Cup v Ercall Wood (H) Meet 1.45pm14:1515:309AJP/
16/1/2018Water Polo15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
16/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:007SKS
16/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:007/8/9ALP
16/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:009MJL
16/1/2018Boys Cricket Nets15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/PDB
16/1/2018Boys District Cup v Telford Langley (A). Meet at 1.45pm14:3015:457SST/PJN
16/1/2018Duke of Edinburgh15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
16/1/2018Boys Football County Cup v Shrewsbury School (A) Meet 1pm Return 4:30pm14:1515:4510JAA/PDB
17/1/2018Y8 A team Netball Vs. Abraham Darby A (H) 3.45pm start15:4517:008GEC
17/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R4 v Fallibroome Academy (H) Meet 1-30pm14:3016:0010PDB/DJH
17/1/2018Boys Open Team Football 15:3017:007/8/9/10PDB/DLL
17/1/2018Lane Swimming/Fitness15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
17/1/2018Girls Hockey15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSKS
17/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v Meole Brace School (H) 16:0017:30SST/PJN
17/1/2018U18 Boys hockey - Shropshire Championships @Lilleshall NSC, Leave 11:00, Return 17:0012:0016:1511,6thSKS +1
17/1/2018Netball Squad Training15:3017:008/9/10/11GEC
17/1/2018British Colleges Netball Vs. Newcastle under Lyme College (H) Start 1.15pm - Sports hall 13:1514:156th formGEC
17/1/2018Boys 1st XI ECFA League Cat 1 v Newcastle Under Lyme College (H)6th FormDLL/JJT
17/1/2018Boys U18 3rd XI SSCFA Div 1 v Codsall 2nd XI (A)6th FormMJL/KJS
17/1/2018Girls U18 Category 2 v Dudley College (A) Leave 12-15pm Return 3-45pm 13:3015:306th FormALP/
18/1/2018U16 Boys Hockey Shropshire Tournament (away) Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Leave 11:00 Return (TBC)12:0018:0010/11SKS +1
18/1/2018TWSSA District Cup Football R2 v Telford Park (H)15:4517:008DJH
18/1/2018Learn to Swim15:3017:007/8/9SSP
18/1/2018Netball Open Training15:3017:007/8GEC
18/1/2018Boys Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11JJT
18/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:0010JAA
18/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:007SST
18/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
18/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:009/10/11/6th FormSKS
18/1/2018A Level PE Catch Up Session15:3017:006th FormDJH/ALP/JJT
18/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v Baxter College DY11 5PQ (A) Meet 1:15PM Return 6pm15:3017:0010DLL/PDB
18/1/2018Girls County Cup v Sir John Talbot (A) Leave 1-00pm Return 4-15pm 14:0015:157/8ALP
18/1/2018Y10 Floodlight Netball League @ William Brookes - Leave 3.30pm Return 5.15pm 16:0016:4510GEC
19/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R5 v Kenilworth School (H) Meet 1:15pm14:1515:456th FormDLL/JJT
19/1/2018FA level 1 primary school coaching session13:3014:306.1 Ian Sankey
19/1/2018Swim Squad07:0008:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
22/1/2018Running Club 15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormPJN
22/1/2018BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4)15:3017:006th FormMJL
22/1/2018Goalkeeper Coaching15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/
22/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:008DJH
22/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:008/9SKS
22/1/2018BTEC Sport Support (PE2/3)15:3017:009/10GEC
22/1/2018Swim Squad15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
22/1/2018Girls Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11ALP
22/1/2018Year 8/9 basketball @ Adams Grammer 4:00 tip off. Meet at 3:15pm. return @5:30pm (not in time for late coach)16:0017:008/9 boys MJL
22/1/2018Boys Football Xl ECFA Mens Knockout Trophy R4 v Football + Sports Diploma LE4 7YJ (A) Meet 9am Return 4pm12:0013:306th FormDLL/JJT
22/1/2018Y8 A and B Netball Vs. Shrewsbury High School (H) Start 4.30pm16:3017:158 A/BGEC
22/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v West Derby School (H)12:0014:009MJL / PDB
23/1/2018U14 Girls Hockey vs William Brookes (Home) - Start 15:50 - Finish 17:1515:5017:157/8/9SKS
23/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Elite Schools Cup R4 v Cardinal Heenan L12 9HZ (A) Meet 10am Return 4:30pm14:0015:007SST/PJN/DLL
23/1/2018Year 8 Boys Basketball V Ercall Wood (A). Meet at 2:30pm. Tip off at 3;15pm. Return to schhool for 5:00pm15:1517:008 boysMJL
23/1/2018Duke of Edinburgh15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
23/1/2018Boys Cricket Nets15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/PDB
23/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:009MJL
23/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:007/8/9ALP
23/1/2018Water Polo15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
24/1/2018Boys Open Team Football 15:3017:007/8/9/10/11PDB/DLL
24/1/2018Girls Hockey15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSKS
24/1/2018Lane Swimming/Fitness15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
24/1/2018Girls English Colleges League v Hartpury College (H)13:0014:306th formALP/JAA
24/1/2018Netball Squad Training15:3017:008/9/10/11
24/1/2018Boys U18 3rd XI SSCFA Div 1 v Oswestry School 1st XI (H)6th FormMJL/KJS
24/1/2018Boys U18 2nd XI ECFA Invitation 2B v AFC Telford Coaching Connexions (A)13:0014:306th FormPDB/DJH
24/1/2018Boys Football ECFA 1st xl Mens Knockout Trophy v Strachan Academy (H) Meet 12pm13:0014:306th FormDLL/JJT
24/1/20186th form Girls Netball @ Shrewsbury sports village - Leave 1.15pm14:0015:006th formGEC
25/1/2018Y7 A & B Netball @ William Brookes Floodlight League Leave 3.30pm Return 5.15pm16:0017:007GEC
25/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v Poynton High School SK6 1QX (A) Meet 10:45am Return 5:00pm13:3015:009DJH/DLL
25/1/2018Learn to Swim15:3017:007/8/9SSP
25/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:0010JAA
25/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:007SST
25/1/2018Boys Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11JJT
25/1/2018Netball Open Training15:3017:007/8GEC
25/1/2018A Level PE Catch Up Session15:3017:006th FormDJH/ALP/JJT
25/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:009/10/11/6th FormSKS
25/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
26/1/2018Swim Squad07:0008:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
26/1/2018U13/14/15 Netball Vs. Wilmslow High School (H) U13 start 1.15pm U14/15 start 2.15pm13:1515:008/9/10GEC/ALP
26/1/2018FA level 1 primary school coaching session13:3014:306.1 Ian Sankey
26/1/2018Boys Chance to compete County Cricket Competetion @TCAT Dome Leave 9-00 am Return 1-30pm 09:3013:3010PDB
26/1/2018Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v St Francis Xavier's College (H) 13:0014:306th FormDLL/PDB
26/1/2018Girsl National Cup v Weatherhead (A) Leave 11-00am Return 4-30pm13:3014:308/9ALP
29/1/2018U16 Boys hockey vs William Brookes - Home - Start 4:00pm - Finish 5:00pm16:0017:0010/11SKS
29/1/2018Boys Football ESFA School Cup R7 v The National C of E Academy (A) Meet 10:45am Return 5pm13:3015:008 DJH/DLL
29/1/2018U12 Boys/u13 Boys/u13 girls Inter academies football competition @ Sandwell Academy leave 3pm return 6pm16:0017:287/8ALP/DJH/STT/PJN
29/1/2018Early Entry GCSE netball moderation v 6th form 15:3017:1510ALP
29/1/2018Girls Basketball15:3017:007/8/9/10/11ALP
29/1/2018Swim Squad15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
29/1/2018BTEC Sport Support (PE2/3)15:3017:009/10GEC
29/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:008/9SKS
29/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:008DJH
29/1/2018Goalkeeper Coaching15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/
29/1/2018BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4)15:3017:006th FormMJL
29/1/2018Running Club15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormPJN
30/1/2018Water Polo15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
30/1/2018Girls County Cup v Belvidere (A) Leave 1-45pm Return 4-30pm14:4516:0010/11ALP
30/1/2018Elite Gymnastics Competiton @ Burton Borough Timings TBC All yearsEmma Scanlon
30/1/2018Duke of Edinburgh15:3017:0010/11/6th FormALP
30/1/2018Girls and Boys Hockey15:3017:007SKS
30/1/2018Girls Football15:3017:007/8/9ALP
30/1/2018Boys Football15:3017:009MJL
30/1/2018Boys Cricket Nets15:3017:007/8/9/10JJT/PDB
30/1/2018Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R5 v Rossett School (H)13:3015:009MJL / PDB
30/1/2018Y7 and Y9 Netball @ Church Stretton School Leave 3.30pm Return 5.45pm16:0017:157 and 9GEC
31/1/2018Shropshire Key Stage 4 Badminton Finals @ Shrewbury Sports Village (Meet 12pm Return 5:30pm)13:0017:009/10/11TBC
31/1/2018Y7 A and Y8B Netball @ Abraham Darby (A) Leave 3.30pm Return 5.15pm15:4517:007 and 8GEC/LM
31/1/20186th form 3rd team V TCAT (A). 2pm KO. Meet at 12:30pm 14:0016:006th FormMJL/KJS
31/1/2018U16 Boys hockey Midlands round - Venue (RUGBY SCHOOL) - ARRIVE (9:00am) - FINISH (1:45pm) - RETURN AT SCHOOL (3:30pm)10:0013:4510/11SKS +1
31/1/2018Boys Open Team Football 15:3017:007/8/9/10PDB/DLL
31/1/2018Lane Swimming/Fitness15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
31/1/2018Girls Hockey15:3017:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSKS
31/1/2018Netball Squad Training - CANCELLED DUE TO FIXTURE15:3017:008/9/10/11GEC
31/1/2018Girls U18 Category 2 v Dudley College (H)13:4515:306th FormALP/JAA
31/1/2018Boys 1st XI ECFA League Cat 1 v TNS North Shropshire College (H)6th FormDLL/JJT
31/1/2018British Colleges Netball Vs. Dudley College (H) - Sports hall - 1.30pm start13:3014:306th formGEC