Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Wed, 23 Nov 2016

There will be 320 more happy children across the world who will receive shoe boxes filled with gifts this Christmas. We exceeded our target of 300! These are children who would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas, so a small shoebox packed with fun and practical items can have a big impact. Very well done everyone.

On Wednesday 16 November we loaded 320 decorated and jam packed shoe boxes onto the School minibus. They began their journey by leaving School and making their way to a warehouse on Halesfield Industrial Estate where they were then checked, sealed and placed into larger boxes ready for shipping.

The Headship team from Years 8 - 10 accompanied the boxes to the warehouse and enjoyed a tour of the warehouse where everything was explained, and then they assisted with checking and sealing some of the 8,000 boxes. It was wonderful to see how many boxes Thomas Telford School students contributed and to see some of our students taking the opportunity to volunteer. Everyone was very generous. Thank you to all the PT groups for giving their time and effort with shopping and gift wrapping, and for contributing so generously, and to the Headship team for volunteering.

When we take into account the £960 donated in postage and add it to our running total towards our £25,000 25th anniversary target it places us at over £22,000! We are nearly there. Fantastic!


Shoebox Appeal Gifts

Students Holding Shoebox

Sorting Shoebox

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