Budding barristers in action at University of Wolverhampton

Mon, 09 Mar 2020

Four budding barristers in 6.1 competed in the University of Wolverhampton’s annual Mooting Competition. The competition took place at the university’s Law School last week and involved the students preparing and delivering a legal argument for the defence’s appeal case in front of a ‘bench’ of academic staff judges. All four students presented fluently and eloquently, demonstrating their meticulous preparation, attention to detail and impressive ability to draw on legal precedents and witness testimonies.

Beverley Risotto, one of the ‘judges’ on the panel and the manager of the Legal Advice Centre in Wolverhampton, praised the students’ court etiquette and use of persuasive language. Both judges gave the students detailed feedback on their delivery as well as some useful advice about which legal cases they should draw on should they progress to the next round of the competition.

The competition gave the students a unique opportunity and insight into what it might be like to study law at university and to progress into a legal career. Very well done to CJ, Shakila, Maya and Tayla for their hard work in preparing and delivering their arguments. We wish them the best of luck in progressing to the next round!


Photo of Mooting Competition

Photo of Mooting Competition 2

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