Careers Support

If you have any questions about subject combinations, jobs or careers, going to university, employment options or anything at all about your future, The Careers Team is here to help.

Appointments can be made directly with the Team or by contacting your Personal Tutor who will arrange a meeting for you. Parents are also welcome to accompany students to meetings after School.

In Year 7

During Careers and Activities Week, Year 7 students will have an opportunity to develop their employability skills and will learn about how to link possible future careers to their learning style and preferences.

In Year 7, students also make subject choices for GCSE and are encouraged to read our Year 7 Options Advice for guidance to support their decision-making.

In Year 8

During Careers and Activities Week, students have the opportunity to conduct further careers exploration by visiting an employer and start to understand which skills are required for specific jobs.

We also offer an optional trip to take part in a university taster day and a careers trip to Jaguar Landrover.

In Year 9

During Careers and Activities week in Year 9, students will take part in a variety of activities to focus on developing their employability skills such as written communication, numeracy skills and team working. All Year 9 students take part in a taster day at a local university and a STEM activity which builds problem solving and project working.

From Year 9 onwards, students are able to attend optional careers and employer talks and enrichment activities which the Careers Department offer in Session 3.

In Year 10

In Year 10, Careers and Activities week is an opportunity for students to try out new activities, develop their employability skills and/or undertake a placement which will give them direct experience of the world of work.

Options available include:

  • "Careers in the NHS" 5 day work experience programme at the NHS Futures Zone
  • Engineering Challenge Project working in partnership with UTC Aerospace
  • Work Experience placement

In Year 11

Year 11 students are supported to make informed decisions about their post 16 options through Careers talks in assemblies as well as the opportunity to attend Session 3 Careers Insight meetings. In November, students and parents are invited to attend the VI Form information evening which is followed by a Taster Day.

The Taster Day will give students the opportunity to attend up to three ‘taster’ sessions for the A-level or BTEC subject of their choice and find out about how to research careers, use websites to help inform their choices and explore other post 16 options such as apprenticeships. All students receive a ‘Careers Planner’ and will also be interviewed by the Careers Team to support and inform their decision-making.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, a full programme of careers advice and guidance is available to students to support them to cope with change and effectively manage their transition from School to continuing education, working and adult life.

The careers programme includes:

  • Careers Insight sessions on specific jobs or industry sectors
  • A Careers Induction session for students who join the School in Year 12
  • Guidance on the use of on-line careers guidance resources, as well as specific careers software such as KUDOS, when required
  • Full careers interviews on request
  • Opportunity to visit Universities and Recruitment Fairs
  • Job application workshops and mock interviews
  • Work Placement opportunities
  • Participation in Careers week preparing students for University and job applications
  • Support with applications for university summer schools and other enrichment opportunities

Kudos is the UK’s most popular impartial careers guidance and information program that helps young people plan their future and make informed decisions.

It provides students with a personalised experience which enables them to explore careers and learning pathways based on their interests and aspirations. Students can get ideas of careers that they might like, explore their own career ideas, discover where their favourite subjects could take them and uncover a world of opportunities in different areas of work.

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Kudos is available to all students at Thomas Telford School. please see the Careers Team for further information.

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