Many teachers put their career on hold to raise children or care for family. After a career break, returning to the profession can seem daunting. Though you have fond memories of teaching, overcoming that initial hurdle of returning to the classroom can seem overwhelming.

Has teaching changed? Have exams changed? How can I get back up to speed? Are my skills rusty? How could I fit it in around my new commitments? What are my career advancement prospects?

We can help you come back

The Return to Teaching programme is designed to support you return to the profession and rekindle your passion for teaching.

The features of the programme include:

  • Flexible and part-time working (late start, early finish arrangements available)
  • A paid acclimatisation period before you start, to boost your confidence
  • Individualised subject knowledge training to re-hone your skills
  • CPD to bring you up to speed with the latest developments in your subject and the education sector
  • A mentor to support your progress
  • If appropriate, enrolment on Middle or Senior Leadership qualifications to boost your career path

We aim to work with you to develop a personalised approach to your return. You may wish to pick up where you left off or develop new skills or simply re-establish yourself as a great teacher. The Return to Teaching programme gives you the best opportunity to get back into the classroom and at the top of your game.

The programme is currently available to secondary qualified teachers in Science, English, Mathematics, MFL and Humanities but if your specialism is outside of these subjects, please feel free to discuss other opportunities with us.

In order to qualify for the Return to Teaching programme, applicants must be qualified teachers who have previously been employed as a teacher in the English state secondary sector but are not currently in a permanent teaching role in the state sector.

The programme is specifically focused at ‘out of contract’ teachers who have taken a career break of any length to focus on caring responsibilities, and who are now looking to return. People who have taken a career break but are still in contract (e.g. those who are returning from an official period of maternity, paternity or shared parental leave) are not eligible for this programme. If unsure, please contact us to discuss

You are invited to attend a return to teaching recruitment event, hosted by Thomas Telford School on Tuesday 19th June 2018 betweem 2.30-5pm.

This event is for teachers wanting to return to teach in the West Midlands in the following subjects: English, Maths, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science), Geography, History, and modern foreign languages (MFL) (including community languages) Please email to register for this event..

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