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Timetable for  14 August 2020

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Mrs Flynn

Even though your work experience placements have been cancelled this year, there are still plenty of things you can be doing to find out more about future career options and choices:

  • Please contact your work experience employer to see if you could postpone your placement to later this year or next year;
  • Check out the list of ‘Virtual Work Experience’ options Mrs Smeilus emailed you last week;
  • Why not get involved with ‘World of Work’ week.  Students will be able to choose from five key economic sectors in which to gain insight and hear from employers, learn about the businesses and complete virtual work tasks. The employers cover key industries including health and social care, creative and digital, engineering and manufacturing, energy and renewables, and construction.  Find more information and register for sessions  - here
  • Try a ‘virtual careers talk

Have a look through the Careers pages on the School website for further advice and/or feel free to contact the Careers team careerdept@ttsonline.net


Mrs Flynn

  • Any students who do not have confirmed places in the Sixth Form, at College, another provider or on an apprenticeship will be contacted by the Careers Team who can assist with applications.  If you need help or advice, please contact the Careers Team careers@ttsonline.net

  • All year 11 students are encouraged to do some on-line careers research using the sites on the Careers Links section of the School website

  • Any students having a rethink about their subjects choices for Sixth Form are welcome to contact the Careers Team for advice. This website is also useful: https://www.informedchoices.ac.uk/


Mrs Flynn

  • Please read the ‘Virtual Careers programme’ to find out what is happening and when
  • Make sure you have registered on the UCAS Hub and take part in a Virtual University Open Day
  • Contact your work experience employer to find out about whether your work experience placement has been cancelled
  • Check out Mrs Smeilus and Mrs Boot’s emails about ‘virtual work experience’ options and our recommended university webinars
  • Please get in touch if you have any queries – the Careers Team is happy to help via email, phone or Zoom


Mrs Flynn

Summer term 2020

As we know that final examinations have been cancelled, our focus is now on helping you to prepare for university or working life.

  • Students preparing to go to university, should work their way through the resources provided in the Preparing for University This includes recommended reading lists and advice from current university students.
  • Students are encouraged to email the Careers Team directly if they need advice. Phone calls and appointments via Zoom can be arranged, on request.

The Careers Team have contacted all jobs seekers without a formal job offer via email. Please do respond to the email if you haven’t already.  Please continue to check your emails regularly for vacancy information and get in touch if you need any help.



Mrs Price

There are some PSHE  resources and useful websites on the OLC that you can access if required.

Online safety

The following website has a number of resources for parents and students to find information on keeping safe online.


Mental Wellbeing

The lesson on Mental wellbeing can be accessed using the following link


The Importance of Sleep

There are some PSHE resources on Looking after Yourself which can be accessed using the following link


The PowerPoint and accompanying resources are found at the bottom of the page.

These resources can remain on the site indefinitely until I update again.