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Thomas Telford School is a City Technology College, sponsored by The Mercers’ Company and Tarmac Holdings Limited. It was established in 1991 to pioneer new methods of education, to raise standards for its students and to share successful practice with other schools. It is now widely regarded as one of the most successful state secondary schools in England and has established three Academies in Walsall, Sandwell and Madeley.

The School offers a broad curriculum with an emphasis on Science, Mathematics, Technology and Business Education. As well as high academic standards, the School has built a tradition of first class sporting achievements and high quality performing arts.

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Recent Results

Boys Football County Cup Semi- Final v Meole Brace (H) Meet 3:15pm
TTS 8 J.Thomas 2, J.Stanley2, J. Kenton 1, L. Jarman 1, J. Parrish 1, J. Underwood 1, W. Sparlding 1. Meole Brace 1
Boys Football County Cup Semi- Final v Thomas Adams School (A) Meet 1:45pm Return 5:30pm
Thomas Adams 2 - TTS 4 D.Green 2, L.Bawn 1, R.Mclean
Boys Football County Cup Semi-Final v Madeley Acdemey (A) Meet 3:15pm Return 5:45pm
Madeley 0 TTS 8 (A. Samuels 3, R.Corfiield 2, M.Tye 2, M.Morris 1.
Boys Football County Cup v Lacon Childe (A) Meet 2:00pm Return 6:15pm
TTS 3 M.Tolly,D.Green,L.Green Lacon Childe 1
Boys First XI ESFA National Cup Quarter Final Football v Altringham Grammar School (A) Leave 09-30am Return 6-30pm
TTS 1(S.Jennings) Altringham Grammer 0.
Boys/Girls U14/16 Badminton (H) v Sutherland 4-15pm Leave 5-15pm
Boys Second XI Shropshire League Football v Bridgnorth 6th Form (A) Leave 1-00pm Return 4-00pm
TTS 5 (G.Bicknall,Z.Williams,W.Vasell.L.Rogers,J. Agyeman Bridgnorth 6th Form 0.
Boys First XI British Colleges Football League v Walford & North Shropshire College (A) Leave 11-50am Return 5-00pm
TTS 3 (D.Blackwell 2, D.Hall.) Walford & North Shropshire College 2
Boys Shropshire Schools County Cup Round 2 Football v Bridgnoth Endowed School (A) Meet 12-30pm Return 4-00pm
TTS 11 (Og, J.Thomas 2, W. Spalding, J. Burgwin 2, D.Green 2, J. Parish. Jack Stanley, Joe Kenton.) Bridgnoth Endowed School 0.
Boys Second XI Shropshire League Football v Shrewsbury School (A) Leave 1-00pm Return 4-00pm
TTS 3 (C,Brigden 2, L,Rogers) Shewsbury School 0
Boys First XI ECFA Premier Cup Round 2 Football v City of Stoke 6th Form College (H - 3G Astro) Meet 12-30pm
TTS 2 ( T,Fallon, S, Mitchell ) Stoke 6th Form College 0
Boys ESFA B Team Football v Sandwell Academy (A) Meet 1-00 PM Return 4-30PM
TTS 5( M, Churn 3, J, Harris, N, Ramell) Sandwell Academy 1
Boys County Cup Football Round 2 v Thomas Amam (A) Meet 1:30pm Return 5:00pm
TTS 6( R.Corfield 2,T.Grant 2,S.Nicohlson,A.Sammuells) Thomas Adam 2
Boys First XI ECFA Premier Cup Round 1 Football v Newcastle Under Lyme College (H) Meet 12-45pm
TTS 6 (T Lyttle, L Brindley, S Jenning, J Moulson, D Blackwell, S Mitchell) Newcastle College 4
Boys Shropshire Schools & Colleges Round 1 County Cup Football v Madeley Academy Venue TBC
TTS 3 L.BOURNE, D.Green, M.Tolley Madeley School 0.
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